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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

This says it all

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This picture of Legacy after the Oilers scored the fourth and game winning goal in game six really says it all for the Red Wings.

Also, here is a great article by Mitch Album, "End of An Era".

A tale of two different teams

The Detroit Red Wings and Detroit Pistons both entered the first round of the playoffs as the number one seed. Both teams had the best record in their respective leagues during the regular season.....

Six games into the NHL playoffs and five games into the NBA playoffs, both teams have gone in opposite directions. The Pistons have advanced against the Bucks in five games. The Wings however, have already been eliminated from the playoffs by losing to the Oilers in the first round 4 games to 2.

First lets examine the Wings. The Wings entered the playoffs as the favorites to win the cup and the Oilers looked like easy first round prey. This was clearly not the case as the Oilers simply destroyed the Red Wings. They outplayed the Wings the entire series. The Oilers' goalie was brilliant while Manny Legace was just so-so. The Wings had way too many stupid penalties that cost them a lot of goals. Another problem the Wings faced was the lack of goals by their stars. Brendan Shannahan only ended up with one goal the entire series. Pavel Datsyuk continued his miserable playoff streak by not scoring at all, even though he was injured for some of the series.

Despite all of the Wings' bad play and lack of desire to win, I think they lost because the Oilers were better, bottom line. They are younger, stronger, and they just outplayed the Wings night in and night out. The Wings are just too old for the new NHL. Watching this season compared to last season (2 years ago), the game is a lot faster. Younger teams will thrive because they have more speed and endurance. Over the offseason the Wings will need to find a way to keep from getting bumped in the first round and second rounds. They need to evaluate Legace, their older players, and even their younger players in order to see who needs to go and who needs to stay. GM Ken Holland will have a long summer to ponder things over...

Now the Pistons on the other hand are a different story. They closed out the eight seeded Bucks in five games. They dominated in games one and two before the Bucks won game three. The Pistons came back and won a tough game four on the road. They then closed out the series in dominated fashion at home during game five.

The Bucks really had no chance against the Pistons. The Pistons have the best starting five in basketball while the Bucks really only have Micheal Redd.

The Pistons now move unto the second round. They will face the winner of the Cleveland/Washington series. I don't think either team will be a match for the Pistons. In-fact, I think the Pistons won't reach much difficulty until the championship round where they will most likely face the Spurs once again. It should be a fun ride as we watch the Pistons try to win back the championship for Detroit.