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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Roller Coaster

The Michigan Wolverines have played four football games already and it has been a roller coaster of a season. They were humiliated in their home opener against Appalachian State and dropped from number five in the rankings, to being unranked. That was the biggest drop in the history of the polls. It did not get any better the next week, when they were destroyed again at home by Oregon. Michigan rarely starts a season out 0-2, and it looked as if we were going to lose over half our games. However, the last two games have started to turn their season around, with wins over rivals Notre Dame and Penn State. Notre Dame is awful this year, no doubt about it, but it is a huge rivalry game and Michigan embarrassed them 38-0 for their first win of the season. This past weekend they beat number ten ranked Penn State 16-9. With this recent victory, it appears as if all is not lost for the Wolverines...

Despite their last two wins, Michigan is still a shaky team. It is hard to gauge how good they actually are because the first and last two games are complete opposites of one another. As stated before, Notre Dame is horrible this season and have yet to win a game. Penn State was ranked tenth, but we always beat them and they had not played a good team yet. Also, who could forget the Appalachian State loss? Ohio State and MSU fans will be talking about that for years to come. However, the Big Ten is weak this year and overrated as usual. Michigan still has a very plausible shot of winning the Big Ten title, which is about the only thing they are still playing for. Over the next couple of weeks of Big Ten play, we will see how good or bad this team actually is.


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