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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Buy or Sell

The Detroit Lions are six games into the season, and they have won four games and lost just two. They stand just a game out of the division lead and are the only team in their division to not lose in division play.

The Lions have been a hard team to judge this season. The games they have won have been close against mostly bad teams and their losses have been blowouts. However, in past years they have lost the games they were supposed to win and finished every season with around 4-6 wins. This season could be different. The Lions' schedule for the rest of the season is favorable, with most of their games against teams with records below 500. Their defense has been sketchy at best but has held up in a few games. Their offense has been strong; they have scored the sixth most points in the NFC (despite already having their buy week). Jon Kitna has led the team well and has a career high 93.9 passer rating. Running back Kevin Jones has come back from an early injury and produced well in his last game. With Jones back on the roster their offense should be even stronger.

Lions' fans are desperate for a playoff team, even a winning team would be great to see. This team has the potential to perhaps be a wild card or at least a 8-10 win team. We pray they can keep it up and win the games they are supposed to win. With the Pistons, Red Wings, and Tigers all having success in the last five years; the Lions are the last team in Detroit to not make the playoffs within the past decade. Hopefully that will change after this year, but as Lions' fans we know that hoping usually ends in failure.


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