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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Lions going for LT?

Apparently the Lions are considering going after recently released running back LaDainian Tomlinson and are also considering trading their first round draft pick (second overall).

LT has arguably been the best running back in the NFL for the past decade or so. He has over 12,000 yards rushing and 128 rushing touchdowns. However, the last two seasons have started to show his age as his numbers have significantly dropped. Running backs in the NFL typically do not perform well in their 30s.

This is a story that definitely could develop as the draft gets closer. The Lions need all the help they can get, so picking him up could provide some benefit to their inept running game.

Friday, February 26, 2010

New Site, Banner, etc....

Since I have been starting to update this blog again, I have put the site under some major cosmetic changes as compared to years previous. As one can tell, I have an entirely new banner that I hope readers will enjoy. One of my friends from college helped me design it (thanks Jon!), and I really think it looks sharp.

I also changed the entire design of the website into one of the default templates that blogger has. I will continue to modify it to my liking.

As for posting, I want to post maybe once a week or so on different topics relating to Detroit Sports and the Michigan Wolverines (primarily football and maybe some basketball). I do not watch the teams enough to post on games, and one could find much better game coverage elsewhere. This blog is mostly done for enjoyment, and a way for me to get my rants out about Detroit Sports. If anyone has any ideas or comments please feel free to email me.

Finally, I would like to start adding links of advertisers and fellow bloggers in the next couple of weeks. This will help complete the overhaul of my blog.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Rich Rod back at it

The University of Michigan's flamboyant head football coach Rich Rodriguez could apparently be in trouble again with NCAA regulations.

This has been one of multiple allegations against the former West Virginia coach. One wonders if he really causes that many problems or if people are just complaining because of Michigan's horrific record in his first two seasons with Michigan. Either way, it is rather disturbing to always hear bad news stories about this guy and how he does not play by the rules.

Rodriguez started to turn Michigan around last year, winning four games to start the season but then sputtering out as the season went on (5-7 finish). However, it was Rodriguez's first season with his own recruiting class. This upcoming season he will have had a whole extra year to build on the team. Also, their starting quarterback Tate Forcier appears to have some great potential, although there has been questions about his durability and arm strength.

Overall, it is frustrating to hear about Michigan potentially breaking rules. These accusations will definitely further hurt Rodriguez's already bad reputation as a coach. Nonetheless, I would give him at least one more year. Michigan turned it around last year to some extent and can build on last year's successes. It definitely matters if Michigan does things right off the field, but I think people will forget about this if he can put a championship caliber team back on the field. Hopefully next year they will not continue to be one the laughing stocks of the Big Ten.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Tigers Ink Damon

The Tigers have signed outfielder Johnny Damon to a one year deal worth around $8 million. There had been rumors for several weeks that the Tigers were highly interested. Several other teams were interested, with Detroit being the team that signed the outfielder.

This appears to be a good deal for the Tigers who were looking to add some extra juice to their lineup for 2010 season. Damon will most likely play left field and/or DH and will bat first or second in the lineup.

Statistically, Damon is coming off one of his better season in 09. He hit 24 homers last year, along with batting .282 and driving in 82 runs.

Growing up, I always seemed to remember Damon as the long haired caveman looking outfielder who was always brought up on Sports Center whenever the Yankees or Sox were being talked about. (He has not had this look for several years that I am aware of).

I also seem to remember his atrocious arm in the outfield. However, Damon does bring some needed offense to a Tigers team who will be offensively iffy with several young players expected to start.

Overall, this seems like a good deal for the Tigers. I think he seems like a fun guy that will be a fan favorite. I look forward to going to some of the games and watching him play in Detroit this summer.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


This blog has remained dormant for several years. However, I am thinking about restarting it sometime soon. I am currently a junior at a college in Wisconsin, and I am not able to watch many Detroit Sports games. Nonetheless, I still enjoy watching the teams when I can and reading about their past failures or achievements. If I do start posting again, it will be mostly my own rants and opinions on Detroit Sports, not specific analysis on games or seasons. Additionally, I suppose I should get rid of the nasty old banner which bears all athletics who are no longer with Detroit teams (Ok, I lied, Ben Wallace is back, but he is not the same player he was six years ago or so when the Pistons took home the title).