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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Rich Rod back at it

The University of Michigan's flamboyant head football coach Rich Rodriguez could apparently be in trouble again with NCAA regulations.

This has been one of multiple allegations against the former West Virginia coach. One wonders if he really causes that many problems or if people are just complaining because of Michigan's horrific record in his first two seasons with Michigan. Either way, it is rather disturbing to always hear bad news stories about this guy and how he does not play by the rules.

Rodriguez started to turn Michigan around last year, winning four games to start the season but then sputtering out as the season went on (5-7 finish). However, it was Rodriguez's first season with his own recruiting class. This upcoming season he will have had a whole extra year to build on the team. Also, their starting quarterback Tate Forcier appears to have some great potential, although there has been questions about his durability and arm strength.

Overall, it is frustrating to hear about Michigan potentially breaking rules. These accusations will definitely further hurt Rodriguez's already bad reputation as a coach. Nonetheless, I would give him at least one more year. Michigan turned it around last year to some extent and can build on last year's successes. It definitely matters if Michigan does things right off the field, but I think people will forget about this if he can put a championship caliber team back on the field. Hopefully next year they will not continue to be one the laughing stocks of the Big Ten.


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