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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Tigers Ink Damon

The Tigers have signed outfielder Johnny Damon to a one year deal worth around $8 million. There had been rumors for several weeks that the Tigers were highly interested. Several other teams were interested, with Detroit being the team that signed the outfielder.

This appears to be a good deal for the Tigers who were looking to add some extra juice to their lineup for 2010 season. Damon will most likely play left field and/or DH and will bat first or second in the lineup.

Statistically, Damon is coming off one of his better season in 09. He hit 24 homers last year, along with batting .282 and driving in 82 runs.

Growing up, I always seemed to remember Damon as the long haired caveman looking outfielder who was always brought up on Sports Center whenever the Yankees or Sox were being talked about. (He has not had this look for several years that I am aware of).

I also seem to remember his atrocious arm in the outfield. However, Damon does bring some needed offense to a Tigers team who will be offensively iffy with several young players expected to start.

Overall, this seems like a good deal for the Tigers. I think he seems like a fun guy that will be a fan favorite. I look forward to going to some of the games and watching him play in Detroit this summer.


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