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Friday, March 26, 2010

Lions still after Pacman

The Detroit Lions have shown considerable interest in Adam "Pacman" Jones, the former Dallas Cowboy DB and kick returner. In fact, some sources think the Lions will sign him next week.

The question is not whether Pacman has the skills necessary to play in the NFL still; the question is whether he can perform off the field. From the reports, it sounds as if Pacman is physically ready and in great shape to come back and perform at a high level. However, the former star has had a very troubled past laden with problems off the field that could be risky for any team that wants to sign him.

He definitely has a lot of talent the Lions could desperately use. However, could he simply be a cancer to the team much like Terrell Owens has been to some of his teams? Is the talent worth the price of possible destruction to the team? It has been reported that he has changed his life off the field, but time will only tell.

Overall, I believe the Lions should sign him. After celebrating last year for winning the first time in 20 games, the Lions could use all the help they can get. Why not take a gamble on a proven talent? What do they honestly have to lose? This would be a great addition to an already productive off-season for the Lions. Perhaps they could sign him to a one year deal. Besides, Lions fans know that there is always next year anyways if this blows up in the Lions' face.

High Risk = High Reward


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