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Monday, May 24, 2004

Game 2:Pistons 72 Pacers 67

The Pistons got a huge game 2 victory over the Pacers beating them 72-67. Rasheed Wallace came through on his victory guarantee. He didn't play a good offensive game (scoring just 10 points) but he played a great defensive game grabbing 8 rebounds, blocking 5 shots, and holding Jermaine O'Neal to just 16 points. Here is a game recap.
First Half-At the end of the first quarter the Pistons were down 17-12. In the second quarter they got huge bench points from Okur and Corliss Williamson to help them stay in the game when most of their starters were benched.
Second Half-Midway through the third quarter Rasheed Wallace got hot and hit 3 straight shots to give the Pistons a 51-49 lead with 5:46 remaining. After Rasheed's baskets the Pistons didn't score another basket till 2.8 seconds left in the third when Rip Hamilton hit a jump shot to make it 55-54 Pistons. In the fourth quarter Rip Hamilton went on a 8 point tear to make it 69-63 Pistons with only 1:38 left in the game. The Pacers got back in the game when Reggie Miller made 4 straight free-throws to make it 69-67 Pistons. After Miller's free throws the Pistons attemted to close out the game with a basket. Rasheed Wallace tried to dunk it over Jermaine O'Neal but O'Neal blocked his shot. Chauncey got the loose ball but it was stolen by Jamaal Tinsley who passed it up to a wide open Reggie Miller. Miller ran down the court to try and score the easy layup that would have tied the game at 69-69. Tayshaun Prince made the play of the game, storming down the court to block Miller's shot. It was an incredible block. Miller was at least 5 steps ahead of Prince. Rip Hamilton picked up the ball off the block and was fouled. He made both free throws to close out the game.
Game Notes-The main story of this game was the Pistons' great defense. They blocked 19 of the Pacers' shots, one block shy of a NBA record. They also held them to just 27.5 percent shooting. Almost every Indiana shot was contested. The Pistons held the Pacers' 2 big stars,Jermaine O'Neal and Ron Artest, to just 11-39 shooting. The Piston who probably played the best defensive game was Tayshaun Prince. Along with his game saving block was the way he played defense all night. He held Ron Artest to 13 points and forced him to foul out with just a couple minutes left in the game. He also made some other key blocks. The best offensive player for the Pistons was Rip Hamilton. He scored 23 points and made some big shots at the end of the game to help fend of the Pacers. Ben Wallace and Rasheed Wallace had 13 blocks combined. This was a great game. Both teams played well enough to win. The Pistons now go back home with the series tied at 1-1. If they play the way they played defense tonight they should have no trouble winning the next 2 games at home.


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