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Sunday, September 26, 2004

Lions 13 Eagles 30

Detroit Lions rookie wideout Roy Williams outplayed Terrell Owens in Sunday's game, but it was the rest of the Lions that prevented them from beating the Eagles on Sunday.

After starting the season 2-0 most of us Lions fans(including me) were expecting the Lions to come out and play a great game against the Eagles. The Lions are much improved this season but they aren't even close yet to a championship caliber team like the Eagles. The Eagles got off to a quick lead and never looked back. The Lions
looked decent in this game, but you could tell the Eagles were the much better team.

Joey Harrington(21-38 for 199 yards and 2 scores) looked good but he was under constant pressure from the strong Eagles defense. The main reason he was under pressure is because the Lions couldn't run the ball. Kevin Jones was injured early and only rushed 4 times for 8 yards. The entire Lions team amassed just 77 total yards rushing. They must establish a running game if they want to have a high powered West Coast Offense.

Roy Williams was the player of the game for both teams. He caught 9 passes for 135 yards and O by the way, he scored 2 touchdowns! On one of those touchdowns he broke 3 tackles. Williams has looked incredible throughout the first 3 games of the season. He has caught 4 touchdown passes(second in the NFL if my numbers are correct) and has over 250 yards receiving. Remember, he is just a rookie. He already looks like he is one of the league's best receivers. If he keeps this up, no doubt will he win rookie of the year and maybe even make it to the Pro Bowl. I am so excited about how good Williams is going to be.

Now we look unto the rest of this season. The Lions are 3 games into it and they are 2-1. They have looked great at times and not so great at others. They are a very young team with some talent. They should be able to come near 8-8 when the season is finished. All Lions fans should be happy how the Lions are playing 3 games into the season.


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