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Sunday, December 12, 2004


I said earlier in the day that the Lions would not beat the Packers at Lambeau Field. I was exactly right as the Lions lost to the Packers 16-13. The game was over when Ryan Longwell kicked a short field goal with only 2 seconds left in the game.

The Lions really shot themselves in the foot early in this game. In the first quarter they had the ball on Green Bay's 3 yard line. They had 3 chances to score but they could not do it and they had to settle for a Jason Hanson field goal....The Lions took a 10-0 lead later in the half when Kevin Jones ran in a touchdown. The Lions finished the half with another field goal to take a 13-0 lead going into halftime.

The second half was a different story from the first half. As expected, Brett Favre took over the game in the second half. In the second half Favre threw for 160 yards and a touchdown. He led the Packers back as they tied the game at 13-13. The Lions got the ball late in the game and could not do anything with it. They then punted the ball to the Packers and the Packers drove it right threw the Lions' defense. Longwell kicked a short field goal to win the game with only 2 seconds remaining.

Joey Harrington played horrible yet again. He threw for just 47 yards on 5 of 22 passing. Just pathetic.....

Kevin Jones had a awesome game yet again. He ran for 156 yards on 33 carries along with a touchdown. He was the Lions' lone source of offense. His great performance goes to waste though. The only thing he can look forward to this season is seeing if he can reach 1000 yards, something that looks like he will achieve.

This was the game for the Lions to brake out of their slump on the road against the Packers. They should have won this game and they should be thinking of maybe sneaking into the playoffs but instead they are thinking of next season. This is what I was expecting from the Lions. They ended the game like trash just like they are ending their season like trash.


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