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Saturday, March 26, 2005

Pistons on Cold Streak

The Detroit Pistons are currently going through a bad stretch. They have lost three straight games. They lost to Cleveland by 15 points, then they lost to the Sixers by 23 points, and in their last game they lost to Indiana by 13 points. The Pistons need to get out of this little slump as they head into the playoffs soon. The Pistons have 14 games left and they hold a 5 1/2 game lead on the next closest team(Cleveland) in their division. They would be the second seed in the East if the playoffs started today. I think the Pistons will blow through the first two rounds of the playoffs and then play Miami(the number one seed) in the Eastern Conference Finals. If both teams make it that far it should be a great series. I expect the Pistons to beat the Heat in about 6 games and move unto the Finals to face the Spurs or the Suns.

The Pistons will have to prove to everybody whether their championship last year was a fluke championship or a legit championship. As Pistons fans we know that it was a legit championship but not many other people in the basketball world think so. Most people remember the Lakers losing the championship rather than the Pistons winning the championship. If the Pistons win the title again, making them back to back champs, everybody will know that this team is for real.


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