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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Pistons Update

The Detroit Pistons are just seven wins away from becoming back to back Champions. After losing game two and three in the Eastern Conference Semi-Finals against the Pacers; the Pistons came back to win game four, five, and six. Game six was the last game of Reggie Miller's career. Reggie had a great game scoring 27 points; allowing Indiana to have the lead for most of the game. Reggie Miller's last game was great, but it was not enough as Rip Hamilton took over the fourth quarter for the Pistons. At the end of the game Larry Brown made a classy move by taking a timeout so the fans and the Pistons could cheer the ending of Miller's great career as he was benched for the last time.

After Detroit closed out the Pacers, the Pistons went to Miami to play the Heat in game one of the Eastern Conference Finals. The Pistons won game one 90-81.

Shaq starting the game (there was some speculation that he was not going to start) and was dominate in the first half. He scored 20 points, for the entire game, on 9-14 shooting in just 33 minutes of work. Dwyane Wade had a horrible game for Miami shooting just 7-25 for 16 points.

Rip Hamilton had a bad game for Detroit but he scored a big basket at the end of the game to seal the win for the Pistons.

Rasheed Wallace had another big game for the Pistons. He scored 20 points and made four three pointers. He also included a huge block at the end of the game and even snagged ten rebounds.

Game two is on tonight. If the Pistons can win it would be huge because they then would have a 2-0 series lead going back to Detroit. This should be a harder game for Detroit because the Heat should play much better than they did in game one.


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