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Thursday, August 05, 2004

Pistons get Coleman

There was huge Pistons' news on Wednesday. Detroit acquired 37 year old Derrick Coleman from the Sixers for former 6th man of the year Corliss Williamson. I don't really understand why Joe Dumars made this move. Corliss Williamson is only 30 and Coleman is 37. Also look at the stats from last season.

Williamson-Minutes per game 19.9, points per game 9.5, Field Goal % 50.5, Rebounds 3.2

Coleman-Minutes per game 24.8, points per game 8.0,Field Goal % 41.3, Rebounds 5.6

Except for the rebounding and minutes, you can clearly see that Corliss had a much better season last year. Another reason not to make this trade is because Coleman was hated by the fans. He missed 138 of a possible 328 games when he was with Philly. He was rookie of the year in 1991 but he has failed to average double figures in scoring three of the last four years. The only good reason the Pistons are giving for why they made this trade is because of money. Williamson is going to make 18 million over the next 3 years. Coleman is set to make 4.5 million this season and 5 million the next season. I guess the Pistons figure it will give them more room under the salary cap over the next couple of years. I still don't understand this trade and maybe I never will. I just hope Joe Dumars knows what he is doing.

As for Corliss Williamson, I will miss you. You were always one of my favorite players. Good luck in Philly where nomatter what you do, the fans will hate you. Other notes on this trade-along with Coleman, the Sixers sent over Amal McCaskill in this deal.


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