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Monday, August 23, 2004

Red Wings exhibition schedule

The Red Wings came out with their exhibition schedule for the 2004-2005 NHL Season. Here it is.


26 (Sun.) BOSTON, 7:00
28 (Tue.) at Colorado, 9:00
30 (Thu.) at Boston, 7:00


1 (Fri.) TORONTO, 7:30
2 (Sat.) at Dallas, 8:30
5 (Tue.) COLORADO, 7:00
7 (Thu.) DALLAS, 7:30
9 (Sat.) at Toronto, 7:00
10 (Sun.) N.Y. RANGERS, 7:00

The Red Wings going into the next season will be looking to do better than they have the last 2 playoffs when they were eliminated by the Ducks and Flames. They still have Cujo as their goalie and they have re-signed almost all of their key players. If there is an NHL next season, the Red Wings should be once again one of the front runners for Lord Stanley.


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