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Wednesday, September 01, 2004

The Lions Defense

A few days ago I wrote an article previewing the Lions' offense going into this season. Here is my preview for the Detroit Lions' defense going into the 2004 NFL Season. I broke it down by each position.

Cornerbacks-the Lions are strongest at defense at this position. Dre Bly had an awesome season last year and went to the pro bowl. He was probably Detroit's best player last season. During the offseason the Lions signed cornerback Fernando Bryant to help out Dre Bly on the other side of the field. He is a very solid cornerback who should put up good numbers. Chris Cash should be their third option. He had a great rookie year in 2002 but missed all of last season due to an injury. Andre Goodman and Keith Smith finish out the rest of the notable cornerbacks.

Linebackers-the Lions have some good players at this position as well. They drafted Teddy Lehman in the second round of this year's draft and he looks to be a very nice pick. The Lions also have veteran Earl Holmes. He is a solid linebacker who you can expect good numbers from. Boss Bailey had a very good rookie campaign but was injured a few weeks ago. He will be out for about the first 6 weeks of the regular season. Jody Littleton,Wali Rainer,Donte' Curry ,James Davis,Scott Genord,Alex Lewis,Andrew Battle, and Michael Young round out the rest of the linebackers.

Safeties-during the offseason the Lions signed veteran safety Brock Marion. He should have a good year. Terrence Holt was a rookie last year and like Bailey had a good first season. He should battle for the position with Bracy Walker and Brian Walker.

Defensive Ends-Robert Porcher is the Lions' all time sack leader. He is older now but he can still give you decent numbers. Kalimba Edwards is another good,young, and hungry player on the Lions' defense. He is entering his third season of play. James Hall,Jared DeVries,Cory Redding, and Andrew Skull are the rest of the defensive ends.

Defensive Tackles-Detroit's Shaun Rogers is entering his 4th season with the Lions and he has looked good since he has been with the Lions. Expect him to have a good season. Dan Wilkinson is a crafty veteran who still has some game left in him. He should be a good mentor to some of the younger guys on defense. Kelvin Pritchett and Cole Colin are the other 2 defensive tackles.

Well there is my preview for the Lions' defense going into this season. If you have a question or an opinion on the Lions going into the season, then leave me a comment or send me an email.


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