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Friday, November 19, 2004

I have some competition

In the last couple of months there has been an outburst of sports blogs that are based or loosely based on Detroit Sports. I have added each of them to my links and I like most of them. Here is the list of them and a short report on each one.

Beyond Boxscores
A good new site based on Detroit Sports. This site is also based on sports as a whole. I like this site and I think it will do well. A site well worth checking out.

Sports Pig
Yes, I know the actual name to this site is "Detroit Sports Blog" but it would be too confusing by listing it like that because mine is so close in name to it. This site recently got a nice new site design with a very cool picture banner. It is based largely on Detroit Sports. It has some new links as well. I read this site every couple of days. It is a good site that is worth checking out.

The Cheap Seats
This site has been around longer then my site. It is loosely based on Detroit Sports. It has some nice articles but it is not updated a whole lot. It has a nice site design and it is worth checking out.

Luke Walton's Forehead
This site has a weird name and the guy who runs it sounds kindof crazy but from the looks of it, it seems to be a good site. I just found out about this site and the posts I have read have been pretty good. This site is mostly based on Detroit Sports. I like it and I think it will do well once it gets some other sites to link to it.

C'mon Ref!
This site took a break for a while but now it has come back into the blogging sphere. It is based mainly on Detroit Sports. It has some nice pictures on it to view. It is a site worth checking out to find quick information.

Another site based on Detroit Sports. It sortof has an ugly site design with some decent posts. It recently added some more links. Check it out but don't expect it to be an awesome site.

The Detroit Trio
No offense to the people who run this site but this is probably the worst of the new Detroit Sports sites. It is not updated a whole lot even though it is run by three people. Besides its cool banner, there is not a lot on this site except a few links. This site bugged me for a while to link them and I finally did. Maybe this site will do better in the future but right now it is not very good.

There you have it folks. Those are the seven other sites I know of who are at least loosely based on Detroit Sports. Most of them are fairly good and they are worth checking out. If you know of another site that is based on Detroit Sports then just send me an email and I will add it to my links.


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