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Saturday, October 30, 2004


The 12th ranked Michigan Wolverines made the biggest comeback victory in Big House history against their in-state rivals Michigan State by beating them 43-35 in triple overtime. Michigan had their backs against the wall almost this entire game but they came out with one of the greatest comebacks I have ever seen.

Michigan State played very good early taking a 17-10 lead going into halftime. In the third quarter, Michigan State's starting quarterback Drew Stanton went out with an injury. Despite losing him, the Spartans took an even bigger lead by getting a field goal in the third quarter and a touchdown in the fourth quarter to take a 27-10 lead.

At that time it looked like Michigan State was going to win. With a little over 7 minutes left in the game, Chad Henne threw a 50 yard pass to Braylon Edwards. Michigan failed to get a touchdown after that catch but they kicked a field goal to make the score 27-13 MSU. On the following kickoff, Michigan tried an on-side kick. The ball failed to bounce 10 yards but it hit a MSU player and Michigan picked up the ball. During that possession Chad Henne threw a long touchdown pass to Braylon Edwards to put them within 7 points. Michigan stopped MSU on the next drive and got the ball back. Michigan drove down the field once again when Chad Henne threw another touchdown pass to Braylon Edwards(27 yards) to tie the game at 27-27 with 2:59 left. MSU got the ball one final time but missed a 50 yard field goal when the clock expired sending the game into overtime.

In the first overtime Michigan started with the ball on offense. They failed to score a touchdown but Garret Rivas kicked a fieldgoal. MSU then got the ball and drove down to Michigan's 4 yard line. On third and one, Michigan stuffed MSU forcing them to kick a field goal. MSU made it sending the game into a second overtime.

In the second overtime MSU started out with the ball and scored a touchdown forcing Michigan to score. Michigan answered the call and scored again; but instead of Edwards, it was Jason Avant who hauled in a great pass in the back of the endzone to send the game into triple overtime.

Braylon Edwards finished the game off in the third overtime by catching another touchdown pass to give Michigan a 6 point lead. Michigan made the two point conversion to take a 8 point lead. They then stopped MSU to finish off the greatest comeback in Michigan history(at home).

There were so many players who helped Michigan make this incredible comeback. Here are a few of them.

Michigan's starting freshman quarterback Chad Henne had an incredible game. He threw for 281 yards and 4 touchdowns. Almost all of his stats came in the fourth quarter and the overtimes when he was leading the Wolverines to victory. This freshman looks so good. This is the third game where he has lead Michigan back from behind to win the game.

Braylon Edwards had been very quiet the last couple of games. He was virtually not a factor in this game until the fourth quarter. He put Michigan on his back by making great catch after great catch. He ended up with 11 catches, 192 yards, and 3 touchdowns-including this touchdown catch to tie the game at 27-27.
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Michigan's freshman running back Mike Hart also had a incredible game. He ran for 221 yards on 33 carries. He also scored Michigan's first touchdown. This was his third straight game he has rushed for at least 200 yards. He continues to impress as well.

Garrett Rivas was the unsung hero for the Wolverines in this one. He kicked 3 fieldgoals, all huge. He also made every single point after attempt. Without his performance, Michigan might not have walked away with this victory.

Here are my final thoughts on this game....This game was incredible. Not many people were expecting Michigan to come back and win this game. This game was just as good if not better then last year when they came back against Minnesota when they were down 28-7 in the fourth quarter. Michigan showed some great heart by coming back to win this game. This game was awesome beyond words. It soon will not be forgotten. GO BLUE!


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