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Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Hotstove Notes

The Detroit Tigers have really tried this offseason to land some of the star free agents on the market. They started the offseason good by signing closer Troy Percival. Since signing Percival they have went cold. They were in the running for Carl Pavano, Troy Glaus, Steve Finley, and others but they all went on to sign with different clubs. The Tigers have made aggressive offers in trying to sign these players,but the players just aren't siging the deals. The Tigers need to just keep on trying. They are showing interest in Derek Lowe, Adrian Beltre, J.D Drew, and a few others. They really need to sign a good starting pitcher to help their young rotation. Lowe could be the starter that they need. He has won 52 games in the past 3 seasons for the Red Sox. They also need a third baseman and another quality hitter. Beltre is a third baseman who is very good. He hit 48 homers last year and he is only 25 years old. They probably won't sign Beltre because the price would be too high but it looks like they have a decent shot at Lowe or Drew. If the Tigers could get either Lowe, Beltre, or Drew it would be great. They still have time but time might be running out sooner than they think.

Beltre going to the Mariners
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