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Sunday, February 13, 2005

Weekend Notes

This story is a few days old but I would still like to mention how the Tigers traded a few minor leaguers to the Cubs for relief pitcher Kyle Farnsworth. Farnsworth is a fairly good pitcher who has a fast ball that can reach 100 MPH. His era has bounced up and down over the years so you never know what you will get out this guy. His best year was in 2001 when he had a 2.74 era along with 107 strikeouts in 82 innings pitched. This was a good trade for the Tigers. They did not have to give up much for him. He is solid and he should help out the bullpen. This was probably the Tigers last move before spring training starts.

I have not mentioned anything about the NHL in a long time. The NHL is in a lockout this season. The owners want a salary cap and the players don't want a salary cap. The season is pretty much done. Even if a miracle happened and the players and owners reached an agreement, the season would have less than 30 games(per team) before the playoffs started. The future of the NHL is unknown right now. This season is shot and next season might not happen either. What might happen is that the NHL will put in replacement players to play a season. That is a dumb idea and even less people will watch it. If they want to save the NHL they need to have the best players in the world playing, not replacement players who nobody gives a care about. It is sad to see a great league going down the tube but hopefully it can come back better than ever over the next few years.


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