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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Pistons Knock Off Suns

Pistons Win

The Detroit Pistons extended their winning streak to six games, beating the Phoenix Suns 94-80.

Tayshaun Prince led all scoring wtih 26 points, and Ben Wallace added 15 rebounds. Detroit didn't shot particularly well, but kept to their defensive game and shut down the high scoring power of the Suns.

Nash was also out of the game, which didn't help things for the Suns. Nash, averaging 11 assists per game, sat out with a bruised thigh. The Suns shot 35% from the field, and 17% from the three point line. They took care of their free throws, but it wasn't enough.

Detroit took care of things under the boards. They dominated with second chance points, and converted many points of fast breaks and rebounds.

The Pistons are really heating up. They're finding ways to win, and are starting to hold most of their late-game leads. They're rumored to be working on trades that would solve their bench problems. If that happens, and they get the right fit, they would continue to dominate the Eastern Conference, and make a return to the NBA finals.


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