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Monday, January 03, 2005

Another Season is Over

The Detroit Lions ended another losing season on Sunday against the Titans. It was a fairly close game but the Titans prevailed 24-19.

The last drive of the game for Detroit was almost like a mirror of their entire season. They were down by 5 with the ball around their own 15 yard line. Time was running out on the game and the season. Joey Harrington led the Lions down the field till they got into Tennesse's red zone. With less than a minute on the clock, on fourth down, Harrington threw a pass towards Roy Williams but he was covered too well and the ball was deflected away. The Titans then sat on the ball and ran out the clock.

The reason I said the final drive of this game was almost like the Lions' entire season is because it was a lot of fluff with little actual success. The Lions really underachieved this season. They lost 6 games by 7 or less points. If they had won both games against the Vikings, they would have most likely made the playoffs. They have a lot of talent(mostly young talent) with the likes of Roy Williams, Kevin Jones, Shaun Rogers, James Hall, and others. They finished the season at 6-10, an improvement over last season, but it still not a record to be proud of. They must improve next season on both sides of the ball. It will be another long offseason with a lot of questions to answer.


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