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Monday, December 20, 2004

A whole new site

My website is under a big transformation. If you did not notice, this is a slightly different site design. The only different thing(regarding my site design) is the new banner done by Evan at Fireband of the AL.

The new site design is exciting for me but I am more excited about my new writer. It is a fellow Detroit Sports blogger named Dan. Dan currently runs Dan Joseph. He has been running it for a little while and I have enjoyed reading his site. I was talking to him online and I asked him if he wanted to become my Pistons writer. He said he would want too. I have not written in a long time about the Pistons and it will be great to finally have some coverage on them. I don't know how long he will cover the Pistons for me but we will see how it goes. I will let him tell more about himself in his first post which will be right below this.

I hope you all enjoy the changes!

Dan Joseph's First Post

Pistons Woes Continue but Fixable
First, I'd like to introduce myself. I'm Dan Joseph, new Pistons
blogger, and current owner of I'll do my best to
keep you up to date on the Detroit Pistons year-round.

The Pistons are coming off what I consider to be a rough weekend.
They started off poorly in the first half against the Cleveland
Cavaliers, and then pulled it together for an 81-69 win. The score
really doesn't show how much the Pistons struggled in the first half.
They trailed by 10, and looked like they were going to give up another
win to LeBron and company. They couldn't buy a basket, and looked out
of sync. By the end of the third quarter, they were up 52-47, never
looking back.

Saturday night wasn't much different. They were down by eight at the
half, 10 after three, and made a fourth quarter run that left 'em with
a one point loss. They shot 31% from the field, and 73% from the free
throw line. Too little, too late.

The Pistons won't win more than 45 games if something doesn't change.
They lack scoring power, and seem to have a hard time getting the game
going. They do bizarre things such as walk into Dallas and blow them
out, then lose by 16 to Atlanta at home. I think their problems are
easily solved.

Chauncey Billups is the first item to work on. Chauncey shows us in
the playoffs each year that he can be a solid shooter from the
perimeter, and hit clutch shot after shot. During the regular season
he often waivers between good and bad, scoring anywhere from 10 to 25
points. If Billups can learn to score consistently from the
perimeter, control his shots, and set up more plays properly, it could
add 10 points to the score each night.

The bench needs more depth. Sure, they have the bodies, and on
paper, they can go 10 men deep; however, when you put them on the
court, they are often unproductive. Hunter is having a below average
season, Coleman is getting older, Delfino is battling injuries, Dupree
is green, and McDyess just returned. I think McDyess and Hunter are
the two keys to this bench. McDyess is proving that he can be a
factor. Add Hunter's usual 8-10 points per game, we should see
pressure come off the starting five, and add more consistency to the

Start fixing those two areas, and we'll see the same Pistons team that
ran half the Lakers out of town last summer.

Again that was Dan Joseph's first post.


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