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Friday, January 14, 2005

Grant Hill back in Detroit

The Orlando Magic are in Detroit tonight to play the Pistons but this game is more than a regular NBA game. The reason this is a big game is because it will be first time that Grant Hill will play at the Palace since joining the Magic almost 5 years ago. This will be Hill's first game back in Detroit, since joining Orlando, because he has been injured for the last 4 seasons. He has only played 47 games since joining the Magic(not including this season) due to a persistent ankle injury.

Grant Hill played for the Pistons for a run of 6 seasons. In those six seasons he did very well. He scored 21.6 points per-game when he was with the Pistons. That average ranks fourth in the team's history. In his last season with Detroit he averaged 25.6 points per-game. He almost signal handedly took the Pistons from the bottom of the league to being a playoff team. This guy was a lot of fun to watch when he was in Detroit.

When the Pistons traded Hill a lot of fans might have been thinking how dumb they were for trading away such an awesome player. However, it was one of the best moves the Pistons ever made. They traded him for then unknown Ben Wallace. Trading away Hill for Ben Wallace freed up a lot of money which allowed them to sign some good players. If the Pistons had not traded away Hill then they probably would not have won the championship last season because all the pieces they assembled would not have come into place like they did.

Grant Hill has made a courageous comeback this season. He has played in 33 games and he is scoring 19.2 points per-game. He looks to be back in top form like he was at the start of his career. Hill has showed me a lot by coming back through ankle surgery after ankle surgery. I wish the best of luck to him and the Magic.

Click Here to read a very good article on Hill's return to Detroit.


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