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Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Preview - Pistons at Nets

Detroit looks to continue to grow as a team as they head to New Jersey to take on the Nets tonight. Game time is at 7:30 PM.

The Pistons have struggled this season. They are in need of another backup guard, and more depth at the bench.

One of their bright spots has been Richard Hamilton. Hamilton is coming off a 25 point game in which the Pistons beat the Celtics 110-104 on Friday. Hamilton should be able to match up well against Vince Carter. I also look to Tayshaun Prince to add some help on defense if Hamilton can’t get it done, but look for Prince to keep Jefferson in line.

Although this Nets team is a little different than the one they faced earlier in the season, the Pistons still should have the edge. They’ve been able to contain Jason Kidd in the past, and Vince Carter isn’t a difference maker anymore.

Look for rebounding wars under the boards with Ben Wallace and Richard Jefferson. Wallace is the clear dominant force under the hoops against almost any team.

New Jersey isn’t a strong blocking team. Now-retired Alonzo Mourning is still their leading shot blocker with 2.3 blocks per game. The Pistons should take advantage of the lack of defense, and crash the boards, and work the perimeter.

Another key to victory is stopping New Jersey’s transition game. They are good in transition, and could be deadly on the break. Making their shots should lift them to a victory of the Nets.


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