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Thursday, January 06, 2005

Around the Horn

The Detroit Lions ended another losing season this past Sunday but I want to talk more about their season....Joey Harrington was critisized for his play this season. Although he could have done better this season, his numbers this season were better than his numbers last season. This year he threw 19 touchdowns and last year he threw 17 touchdown passes. He threw 12 interceptions this season and 22 interceptions last season. His quarterback rating went up to 77.5. He became the first Lions quarterback in a long time to throw for over 3000 yards in one season. If Harrington can play next season as good as he did in the beginning and ending of this season, then the Lions have a shot at the playoffs. He must be consistent all of next season instead of just some of the season, like he was this season.

Kevin Jones was named NFL Rookie of the Month for the month of December. He ran for an amazing 526 yards(5.1 per carry) and 4 touchdowns during December. He ended the season with 1,133 yards and 5 touchdowns. He only fumbled the ball once all season. He became just the third running back in Lions history to record 1000 or more rushing yards in his rookie season. This guy is going to be a great running back. I can not wait to watch him next season.

Other Lions news that I neglected to cover was that the Lions signed Shaun Rogers to a 6 year, 46 million dollar deal with a big signing bonus. This guy is a very good player and it was nice to see the Lions sign this probowler to a long term deal.

The Detroit Pistons have released Derrick Coleman and have signed Anthony Goldwire. Here is the story by Dan Joseph.
The Detroit Pistons have released Center Derrick Coleman. Coleman, a long time veteran, averaged just 1.8 points, three rebounds, and 10 mintues per game.

Coleman came to Detroit through a trade that sent Corliss Williamson to Philadelphia. The trade was made to clear salary cap room to re-sign Ben Wallace and Tayshaun Prince.

Detroit has signed guard Anthony Goldwire to a 10 day contract. The 33 year old guard has appeared in 231 NBA games, averaging 6.5 points, 2.9 assists, and 1.3 rebounds.

Seems to me that the Pistons are up to something. Trade rumors are swirling around Baron Davis of the Hornets. Billups, Hunter, and a draft pick for Davis? Maybe that's a bit too much, but its worth thinking about. Davis is averaging 19.5 points per game, 6.1 assists, and shoots 35% from the three point line. I still believe the Pistons would be better with a stronger Point Guard.

The Detroit Tigers have pulled out of the running to sign Carlos Beltran. They said that he was too expensive and they were probably right. I did not expect at all for the Tigers to even make a serious offer for Beltran. The Tigers hitting was not their problem last year, their problem was pitching. They should go after Kevin Millwood or Derek Lowe, the only good pitchers left on the market. Even if both guys want too much money, I still think the Tigers should go after them. Who else is there left to sign anyways? The Tigers will need to overspend a little and get a quality pitcher that will help out their young pitching staff.

The Tigers signed Ramon Martinez to a one year deal worth about a million dollars. They basically signed this 31 year old second baseman for some added depth on the bench....The Tigers also traded for catcher Vance Wilson to backup Pudge. They traded a minor leaguer to the Mets for Wilson.

It looks like Fernando Vina will not be ready for the start of the 2005 season due to an injury. Vina signed a 2 year, 6 million dollar deal with Detroit before the start of last season. This past season he hit only .226 and was injured for most of the year.

I do not watch or cover a lot of Michigan Basketball but I would like to mention how they beat Iowa, the number 15 ranked team in the nation. It was Michigan's first game in Big Ten play. The Wolverines were NIT Champs last season and this season they should finally be able to make it to the big dance.


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