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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Twenty-seven Assists

That stat was the main reason why the Detroit Pistons beat the Miami Heat in game four of the Eastern Conference Finals.

Detroit turned the ball over just six times for the entire game. They also had twenty-seven assists on thirty-seven baskets made. The final score was 106-96. With the win they tied this best of seven series at two games apiece.

The Pistons played one of their best games of the playoffs. They played a complete game. They lead for almost the entire game and they held the lead whenever Miami got close. They held Miami to seventeen fewer points than in game three. The Pistons shot forty-eight percent from the field. They also shot seventy-one percent from the free throw line. They did not turn the ball over once in the first half and they had seventeen assists in the first half.

Every player on the Pistons played a good game. Rip Hamilton was their top scorer with twenty-eight points and eight assists. Rasheed Wallace scored twenty points for Detroit. Ben Wallace, although he had a horrible offensive game, grabbed a game high fifteen rebounds. Chauncey Billups scored seventeen points as he hit three of four from the three point line.

I think the unsung hero for this game was Lindsey Hunter. Hunter played seventeen quality minutes and scored six points. However, the biggest thing he brought to this game was his defense on Dwyane Wade. He frustrated Wade whenever he guarded him and helped keep Wade in check. Wade's frustration showed when he picked up a few stupid fouls. Wade still scored twenty-eight points but he was not nearly as effective as he was in the previous two games.

Detroit also played good defense on Shaq. Shaq got into early foul trouble and scored just twelve points for the entire game. I think his injury is more serious than it appears because he has not been nearly as strong as he once was.

After this great win for Detroit we now need to look on to game five. This will be a huge game for both teams. If Detroit wins they will go back to Detroit for the potential series ending game. If Miami wins they will go back to Detroit with the momentum. The Pistons need to play like they did in game four. If they don't make any stupid turnovers and they play good defense they will win the game. It should be another great game in this already great series.


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