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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

7/19 Notes

I was gone again most of the past week so I was unable to post anything new.

The biggest story in Detroit during this past week was the departure of Larry Brown. Although it is not official yet, the Pistons and Brown are working on a buyout that will allow Brown to leave Detroit after just two seasons of being the Pistons head coach.

Larry Brown had said all along that he wanted to coach in Detroit if he was healthy enough too. He apparently could not guarantee the Pistons a full season because of his health issues.

All of this seems so strange, how can Larry Brown be leaving? He came within one win of winning two straight NBA Championships. The Pistons and he seemed so close to one another at the end of this past season. The Pistons played so good under Brown, they consistently came back in playoff series when they were down. I still can not believe Brown would want to leave Detroit for something else (if his health has nothing to do with him wanting to leave).

Even though it is a huge disappointment that Brown is leaving, it was a great two years with him in Detroit. They Pistons won the NBA Title the very first season he coached them. They were huge under-dogs against the Lakers in the Finals, but the Pistons destroyed the Lakers in just five games. This season, in the playoffs, the Pistons came within one quarter of beating the eventually NBA Champions Spurs.

In other news in Detroit, the Red Wings signed Mike Babcock, as expected, to be their new head coach. Babcock comes from the Ducks, where he came within one game of winning the Stanley Cup two seasons ago. I still am not sure about this signing, but we will just have to see what happens.


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