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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

One Play

In one of the best playoff games I have ever seen the Detroit Pistons lost to the San Antonio Spurs 96-95 in overtime in game five of the NBA Finals. The Pistons are now down 3-2 going back to San Antonio for game six and seven.

In my mind this game came down to just one play. At the end of overtime the Pistons were up by two with just seconds left, but the Spurs had the ball. Ginobili dribbled to the corner with a man on him. Rasheed Wallace left his man, Robert Horry, and went to double team Ginobili. Horry was left wide open behind the three point line. Ginobili then passed the ball to Horry and he hit the game winning three pointer. The Pistons had five seconds to score but they could not get it done. It was one of the dumbest things Rasheed could have possibley done. Rasheed left open one of the best clutch three point shooters of all time. That play cost them the game, plain and simple. It was not a game where the Pistons played bad and were just lucky to have a chance to win the game at the end. The Pistons played a good game. They kept the game close and they kept answering the Spurs scoring. If the Pistons lose this series, this stupid defensive play by Rasheed will be talked about for a long time.

Although it was a tough to watch the Pistons lose so close, there were still a few Pistons who played good games. Chauncey Billups was amazing again as he scored 34 points along with 7 assists and 5 rebounds. Ben Wallace scored 13 points and grabbed 12 rebounds. I think Tayshaun Prince had one of his best games of the playoffs. He did awesome in the fourth quarter. He scored a number of key baskets and he grabbed a few important rebounds in the fourth quarter.

Robert Horry was amazing for the Spurs. Along with the game winning shot, he scored 21 points. Of those 21 points, 18 of them were in the fourth quarter or overtime.

Despite what you may have heard on ESPN, Tim Duncan had a horrible game. Sure he scored 26 points and 19 rebounds but when it mattered the most he folded. He missed 7 straight free throws in the fourth quarter and overtime. I don't think he even scored at all during the overtime period. He also missed an easy tip-in as time expired in regulation that would have given the win to the Spurs.

The Pistons are now in a deep deep hole. They must go to San Antonio and win two games. We all remember how awful the Pistons looked in San Antonio during the first two games of this series. The Pistons have been through a lot this season and this is just another hurdle they will have to cross. No one is really expecting them to win two games in San Antonio, but the Pistons are the defending champs. They are still the best team in the league until they are beaten. I am not sure if the Pistons will win both games, but I know they are capable. The Pistons play their best when their backs are fully against the wall. Game six is tonight and it should be another great game.


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