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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Eastern Conference Champs!

The Detroit Pistons are headed to play in the NBA Finals for the second straight season after beating the Miami Heat in game seven of the Eastern Conference Finals.

The Pistons were awesome in game seven. They were down by as much as seven in the fourth quarter but they kept coming back for more. Rasheed Wallace scored a huge basket late in the game to give the Pistons a three point lead. Chauncey Billups hit four free throws late in the game to secure the win for the Pistons.

The Pistons showed why they are they are the defending champs. They had to come back in the fourth quarter, on the road, in a game seven against a very good Miami team. They showed a lot of poise and they played together as a team.

We have to all give the Heat credit for giving the Pistons such a great battle in this series. The Heat played great against the Pistons despite all their injuries. If Wade was healthy along with the rest of Miami, this series might have been a different story.

The Pistons now move unto to play the San Antonio Spurs in the NBA Finals. The Spurs are the only team that is ranked ahead of the Pistons in defense. These were the two best teams in the NBA and this should be a great series to watch. The Pistons can not play inconsistant like they did in the Miami series. Detroit played good when they had too but I do not think that will be enough against the Spurs. If Detroit plays good in every game, I think they will win this series. If Detroit plays inconsistant, then I think the Spurs will walk away with the title.


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