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Monday, June 06, 2005

It all comes down to this

Game seven of the Eastern Conference Finals is tonight between the Detroit Pistons and the Miami Heat.

The Pistons were down 3-2 in this series before winning game six at home to tie the series. The Pistons dominated in game six and won 91-66. Dwyane Wade did not even play for the Heat and they struggled in his absence. The Pistons were in control of the game the entire way. They played a great defensive game and they were very consistent on offense. Even though Wade was on the bench for the Heat, I still think game six was Detroit's best game of the series.

However, game six is far in the past as we look forward to game seven tonight. The game is in Miami. I saw a stat that 82% of the time the home team wins game seven. The Pistons have whined all playoffs about the calls and they have played very inconsistent but they still have a chance to win the title. They need to shutup about the calls and start playing Pistons' basketball. Their defense won the championship last year and they need to start playing the tough defense like they did last year. Despite the inconsistent play by the Pistons, I still think they will win this game. They played their best games in these playoffs when their backs have been against the wall and this game should be no exception.

There is a lot of speculation on if Wade will play in tonight's game due to his rib injury. I hope Wade plays tonight for the Heat. If the Pistons beat Miami without Wade, everyone will say that the Pistons could only beat Miami without Wade. He is their best player and the Pistons will need to beat the Heat with him playing to prove that they are the better team.

The winner of this series moves unto the NBA Finals to play the San Antonio Spurs. Game seven tonight should a great game.


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