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Thursday, August 25, 2005

Are the Tigers having a good season?

The Detroit Tigers sit at 61-64, three games below 500. They have played decent of late but they are pretty much out of the wild card race.

When the season started for the Tigers, expectations were high. The Tigers had signed a big name player in the offseason, Magglio Ordonez, to a huge contract. The Tigers also had made their bullpen much stronger by adding Troy Percival and Kyle Farnsworth. The Tigers also had two all-stars returning to the team, Ivan Rodriguez and Carlos Guillen to help lead the team. Their pitching staff was also a year older.

Once the season started things started to go down hill quickly for the Tigers. Very early in the season they lost Ordonez to an injury. Ordonez did not come back till almost mid-way through the season. Later in the season the Tigers lost Troy Percival to a season ending injury. The Tigers then traded away Ugueth Urbina for Placido Palonco. A few weeks ago the Tigers traded Kyle Farnsworth for a few minor leaguers. With the injuries and trades the Tigers have a very thin bullpen. Their bullpen has lost a lot of close games and that has hurt the Tigers greatly.

Along with the Tigers bullpen being weak, some of their better players are not having a good season. Pudge, who was so good last year, is having a rough season. Carlos Pena, who lead the team with 27 homers last year, was sent down to the minors for almost the entire season due to his horrible play. Even all-star Carlos Guillen's numbers are way down from last season.

All in all I think the Tigers are doing about as good as we can expect out of them. Sure they could be a lot better but they are still around 500. They are on pace to win more games then they did last season. Their pitching staff has done well overall and their hitting has been decent. Who knows what might have happened this year if they had not been plagued with injuries to some of their best players.

This season is pretty much over for the Tigers. They are not going to make the playoffs but they can still try to finish above 500. A Tigers team has not finished about 500 for the regular season in over a decade. I think a season above 500 will greatly help the Tigers build for next season.


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