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Friday, January 27, 2006

The Biggest Win

I have decided to start posting again. I wanted to come back when something big happened in the Detroit Sports realm. I think Michigan beating 12th ranked Michigan State in college basketball is a good way to start....

This past Wednesday, the Michigan Wolverines beat the 12th ranked Michigan State Spartans 72-67. The win put Michigan near the top of the Big Ten standings. Michigan was one of the highest team receiving votes outside of the top 25. With the win against State, Michigan should be ranked in the top 25 for the first time since 1998.

Michigan has showed that this season is different from previous seasons. They are 14-3 with a 4-2 record in Big Ten play. They just fell shy of beating 6th ranked Illinois on the road earlier in the season. They also played UCLA tough but lost again against a ranked opponent. Although Michigan played good against UCLA and Illinois, the bottom line was that they still lost. That is why the win against State was so huge. They were down in the first half by 13 but they came back strong and took the lead. They not only took the lead, they held the lead. Michigan played a great zone defense to shut down State in the second half. State fans may say Michigan won because of the calls, but Michigan deserved to win.

Senior point guard Daniel Horton continued his great season leading the Wolverines with 23 points. He brought Michigan back in the first half by scoring 13 points, then in the second half he scored 10 points to help pad the lead.

Daniel Horton won Big Ten freshman of the year in 2002, but his game seemed to decline during his sophomore and junior season. Many people were wondering if he was the real deal or not. This season he has proved that he is the real deal with career highs in points, assists, steals, and all field goal percentages.

Michigan plays 23rd ranked Wisconsin this Saturday. The winner will sit on top of the strong Big Ten conference.


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