Detroit Sports

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

9/13 Notes

Sorry for the lack of updates lately. In the last two weeks or so a lot has happened in Detroit Sports. Most of the news has been bad so I will start with pretty much the only good news in Detroit.

The Detroit Lions opened the season on a good note beating the Packers 17-3. The Lions have won the opening game in the last three straight seasons.

Joey Harrington looked good throwing for 167 yards and 2 touchdowns. He again did not throw an interception. New Lion Marcus Pollard had 5 catches including a touchdown pass from Harrington.

The Lions looked good in this game. Their defense was especially good holding Green Bay to just three points, the lowest ever scored by Brett Farve. The main thing the Lions have to work on is their offensive sceme. They have been calling some awful plays for Harrington to run. Another thing they need to do is block better for Harrington. Harrington does not play half bad when he has some time in the pocket.

The Detroit Red Wings lost Pavel Datsyuk to a Russian team. The Wings apparently could not give him enough money for him to want to come back. It is very hard to see Datsyuk go. I thought he was the most exciting player in the NHL to watch. He was just hitting his prime, and I just don't think the Wings will be the same without him. I will most remember Pavel for that awesome goal he scored on Marty Turco a few years ago.

Although the Wings lost Datsyuk, they were able to resign Henrik Zetterberg. Zetterberg is a young superstar in the making. He has been with the Wings for a number of years now and it was nice to see one of their young stars come back.

The formly third rank team in the nation were beaten by their rival Notre Dame on Saturday. Of course I am talking about Michigan's 17-10 loss to the Irish. Michigan's defense played decent but their offense was horrible. Mike Hart was out of the game early due to an injury but that is no excuse. Michigan was on the one yard line twice but they turned the ball over both times. Michigan should have won this game but again they choked. They always seem to lose a game before starting the Big Ten schedule, which almost always knocks them out of the championship picture from the start.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

9/1 Notes

I will be gone this weekend for Labor Day. Once I get back I will post on what happened over the weekend in Detroit Sports.

Over the weekend the 4th ranked Michigan Wolverines will play unranked Northern Illinois to start the season. Michigan is heavily favored and they should be able to win.

The Lions will have one more chance to get ready for the regular season by playing in their final preseason game. They have lost every game thus far in the preseason and it would be nice if they could get a victory.

I recently re-did the sidebar. I now have a lot less links in my sidebar. I went to almost every link I had on my site and I found out that a lot of the sports blogs have stopped posting. Maybe I am wrong but it seems like running sports blogs is getting less popular.